Want Skinny with Slimming Tea, Must Know the Risks First

Slimming tea is increasingly popular among the people of Indonesia, especially for those who are looking for an instant way to get the ideal body weight. Various kinds of tea products are found in the market and can be purchased online, so people can easily get them. Behind its effect on slimming the body, various questions arise, for example whether these slimming products have received permission from the Agency for Drug and Food Control? Besides that, what are the ingredients in slimming tea? Or is there a content that actually threatens health? The content of slimming tea Slimming tea made from herbal ingredients, such as Chinese teak tea, is claimed to help slimming. But often these tea products contain various chemicals that are not right with the wrong dosages too, such as sibutramine, fluoxetine, and caffeine. To understand this, the following is the content of slimming products and the risks that may arise. Sibutramine This substance is used to suppress appetite fo
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